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The Lavish Prom Experience

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Gesh, where do I begin? Since our first prom experience in 2019, we've had to take a break from sponsorship due to COVID.. But NOW.. WE ARE BACK AND WE ARE READY..

Let's chat briefly about what The Lavish Prom Experience really is... Our organization chooses one lucky girl to experience a complete prom sponsorship. This sponsorship includes:

  1. Dress

  2. Transportation

  3. Makeup

  4. Manicure

  5. Pedicure

  6. Shoes

What's the catch? We there's no real catch actually. This is a program that our organization will offer young ladies each year and as our organization grows, we hope to be able to sponsor more girls each year.. (Baby Steps). There are a few requirements. This special young lady MUST attend a CPS High School, Must be graduating in 2022, and must be deserving.

So here's how to enter. Email us directly at at explain to us why you would love for us to sponsor your prom. Deadline to enter is Nov 13th. We will be selecting a winner on Monday, November 15th at 6pm. The lucky winner will be contacted via email and text message.

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