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The Angel Mommy Brunch...

Wow, this brunch kinda means everything to me. For 1, its because I am an Angel Mommy. My Khloe would have been 6 this year. I gave birth to her January 22, 2014. She shared 2 of the most precious minutes with me. Her story is phenomenal, and although losing her is the hardest thing I have ever experienced, so many great things have originated because of her..Like this brunch :-)

This brunch is going to be amazing. I am excited to meet new women that share similar stories like myself. The goal is to honor mothers that has experienced infant loss at birth or during miscarriage. We will share our stories, uplift each other & build a sisterhood. I am counting on this being one of the best experiences for us all. Although what we experienced is by far the worst, God has continued to give us strength. Our Angels have continued to give us strength and we will honor and celebrate them!

The event will be totally FREE to 10 Angel Mommies. Visit our "Events" Tab to RSVP TODAY! I will reach out to you personally to introduce myself and answer any questions you may have regarding this event.

We are working hard to continue to offer free outreach events in our communities. If you are interested in donating toward the Angel Mommies Brunch, please visit the "Support Us" Tab to learn how. If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact us directly at All donation made to our organizations are tax deductible. We are extremely grateful for all of our supports.

Angel Mommies, I will see you on August 30th!

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