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Omari is not Just Building the Kitchen, He's Cooking Powerhouse Meals in the Kitchen Too..!

Raised on the southeast of Chicago, Omari is a General contractor and also the owner of Powerhouse Meals. Omari was introduced to the construction industry by his aunt, who is also a General Contractor. At the ripe age of 15, he began working as a general laborer for his aunt and this is where his passion for the trades began. After years of being under her teachings, he decided to step out on his own and start his own company. Omari received his Construction Certification from Dawson Technical Institute.

Omari is also the owner and head chef of Powerhouse Meal Prep. Over the past 6 years, he became more interested in health and body building. During his fitness journey, he began to understand how important an unhealthy diet could effect a persons body building progress. Through his love for cooking and preparing meals, he began meal planning for his wife who is a Personal Trainer and had developed a need to have meals on hand promptly. His delicious, yet balanced meals soon caught the attention of close friends and family ( who had already been a fan of his cooking) and this led to the birth of POWERHOUSE. Powerhouses specializes in healthy yet tasty options for what we like to call the “fitness professionals“ on the go. They also offer choices for individuals whom are not so interested in fitness but still love good home style food.

Omari prides himself on giving back to the youth. He’s a member of Law and Civics Reading and Writing institution, which is a “think tank” of sorts designed to research and implement new ideas in the public school system as well as our urban and undervalued communities. We asked Omari, "What advice would he give to other young men growing up on the Southeast side looking to go in the same field but may feel discouraged or without direction"? Omari replied, "BE RESILIENT! Life’s not a easy journey but with the right mindset you can and will accomplish anything your heart desires. Respect and always value your family, God 1st but family is up next" When they asked him ,"How did he choose to go opposite of his peers"? We all have choices in life, and for the most part we know right from wrong. Trying my best to be on the right side of those choices is what separated me from some of my peers".

You can learn more about Omari's Powerhouse Meals on his Instagram page @Powerhouse_Meals

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