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#FeaturedFriday - Tim Jones is Leaving No Potential on the Table & Neither Should You..!

Born and raised on Chicago's South Side, this #FeaturedFriday honoree has a personal mission which is to "Leave No Potential on the Table". Tim Jones is known best for his strong speaking, writing and leadership skills. One of his greatest passions is; addressing the social issues that currently plague the city of Chicago.

Tim holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He also received his Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource Management from Northern Illinois University. He is currently the executive director of Good News Partners, a housing continuum that provides affordable housing to the homeless in Chicago, serving over 500 residents a year. One of his strongest attributes is leading and this skill has directly made him able to assist with the many social issues Chicago faces daily. He leads a 41 year old organization, this organization works tirelessly to eliminate homelessness through affordable housing. The organization currently has 9 properties. All of the properties are used as housing continuums for taking the homeless off the street, putting families in affordable housing and eventually helping them become home owners. They have a 36 Bed shelter, a 70 unit-, single room occupancy, hotel and co-op housing- where they serve over 550 residents a year. Their mission is to provide desirable, dignified housing for those in transition.

A variation of Tim's "leave no potential on the table" is working to ensure the city of Chicago doesn't leave any potential on the table in the areas of equity. Particularly in black & brown neighborhoods; in the areas of education, housing, economics, etc.

Tim writes primarily on leadership, motivation and inspiration for which he has his business: I AM TIM JONES LLC. He writes two leadership blogs a month on LinkedIN as well as a micro blog on all of his social media platforms: @iamtimjonesllc (IG & Twitter), Tim Jones (Facebook). He writes curriculum for organizations, schools and universities: his latest is called “MENTOURING, 7 Journeys to Becoming a Man”.

Tim mentioned that his writing is what opened up doors for him to start speaking. He has spoken at numerous conferences, seminars, and panels. He has had the honor of being the commencement speaker for several schools and universities. Tim is using his platform to not only reduce the number of homeless people, he is also educating and providing resources that will hopefully help them become gainfully or skillfully employed and not ever return to homelessness. You can learn more about Tim at or on his radio show ‘Word of the day’ with Tim Jones on WVON 1690am or I heart radio Saturdays at 8am.

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