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#FeaturedFriday...Cake Cake Cake CakesByDae

What do you when all the odds are against you? You win ANYWAY. That is what 23 year old cake designer, Deja Harris says about her ability to skip the food industry and head straight into her passion of "Cake Designs". Deja is not just another Cake Designer, she prides herself on delivering exactly what her clients asks as far as designs, but making sure that the taste of each cake is even better than the appearance.

Deja began her cake design journey 3 years ago after being inspired by her cousin. Her cousin was intrigued by a cake design that he saw online and challenged Deja to recreate the same design. Since a kid, Deja always had a passion for making cakes and cookies and this is why her cousin trusted and encouraged her to move forward with her cake designing career.

Although Deja is a Master Cake Designer, she still experience daily obstacles on her journey of perfecting her craft. One of the obstacles she feels she has to overcome the most is that she has no experience in the food industry. Deja began her start right in her own kitchen. Practicing daily and reading cooking magazines, she began to create different designs and serving them to family and friends. Once she perfected each design, she challenged herself to continue on by adding different enchantments and even drink features.

Before branching out to service the public and displaying her designs online, Deja mentioned that she really had to coach herself on delivering exceptional customer service. She not only wanted to be great at her cake designs but she wanted to be known for her professionalism as well. As she launched her career, she names her Cake Designs, "CakesByDae".

Deja is constantly motivated by the reactions and reviews she receives from clients that have ordered cakes from her. She has had the privilege to designs cakes for weddings, birthday parties of all ages groups and well as baby showers. To learn more about CakesByDae you can visit her designs on her Instagram page @CakesByDae.

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