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She's Sweeter Than Honey & So Are Her Candles!!!

What other way to bring back #FeatureFriday then to highlight a new black owned small business that happens to belong to one of my FAVORITE people! Picture trying to rush her off the phone so that you can finish a feature she knew nothing about.

Meet Chante - owner of Sweeter Than Honey candle company. Sweeter Than Honey is a handmade Soy based candle. Upon launching her new business, Chante offered us 5 amazing scent.

  1. Eat the Cake Ike - (which smells like a lemon pound cake). What a catchy name right? Giving is very much Tina's revenge vibes :-)

  2. Ruby Red - (has a strawberry and vanilla scent. Based off the recent review, this scent seems to be the people's fav).

  3. Laundry Room - AKA My Favorite is a mix of lemon baby powder and jasmine, it literally smells like clean clothes lol) NO, Like Literally. This scent is amazing for bedrooms and laundry rooms.

  4. Birthday Suit - (is a mix of different fruits with a very sweet scent.) My 2nd Fav by the Way.

  5. Suit & Tie - (has a white musk and wood scent! Very popular purchase by Men.

Sweeter Than Honey candles are $12 and available for purchase via Etsy. Ha, there's the link so need to go too far to search. Make sure you follow this amazing candle company on Instagram TODAY - @hunnycandleco . We will be purchasing candles for 2 of her new followers today, so please make sure you are following her. After completion, message us directly on Instagram letting us know.

Chante, this is what God had planned for you. Trust his plan over your life and not your own! Good Luck & We Love You!!!!!

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