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"Remaining Undefeated"- Chicago Public School Program

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

We are thrilled to partner with numerous Chicago Public Schools in efforts to provide basic hygiene and beauty products to young ladies in need. The name of this program is "Remaining Undefeated". Our organization takes great pride in being able to support Chicago's inner-city communities and we receive the most joy by helping and empowering young women.

With this program - we will work exclusively with CPS principals and social workers to assist with providing resources. To assist with student confidentiality, all requested items will be delivered directly to the school's office for student pickup. Young ladies will also have the option to go directly to our website and request personal items. The distributed items will include, but are not limited to:

Donation items needed for “Remaining Undefeated” Program participants:

Deodorant (full or travel-size)

Body Wash

Disposable razors

Shaving Cream

Cotton Swabs (travel-size)

Body Spray

Facial Cleanser

Baby Oil, Vaseline, or Lotion

Panty Liners



Mouth Wash

Ziplock Bags


Edge Control


Elastic Hair Bands


Lip Gloss

Nail Files/Clippers

For the following items various sizes are needed, the school-age participants will vary from 3rd grade to 12th grade:



Sports Bras

If you are interested in donating toward the "Remaining Undefeated" program - please visit our website's - "Support Us" tab. Your generosity towards our organization assists us with continuing to be a resource to our community. If you know anyone in need of items, please the "Connect" tab and fill out the request form.

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