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Our goal is to bring you Chicago's "Headlines".

We are excited to announce that beginning Monday, May 1st - we will begin posting resources, job posting and current events that are happening in Chicago. Our goal is to provide helpful information for the Chicago community in efforts to provide assistance to those in need. Look forward to learning about new opportunities that are currently being offered in Chicago and throughout the Chicagoland area.

We will work tirelessly to post information that can better help all residents of Chicago. Although our primary goal is to assist low income inner city residents, we will still work toward being a resource to companies and vendors who are seeking to offer jobs or resources to those in need. If you have helpful information that you would like for us to share, please email us directly at

Our goal is to spread the word of our new "Headlines" resource outlet. To assist us in spreading the word, we are asking our subscribers and supporters to tell everyone that will listen :-) We will continue to provide everything we can to all those in need throughout Chicago, even the things that are priceless such as "Information". We are anxiously waiting for May 1st. Let the community know we are expanding what we offer :-)

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