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Khloe's Secret Santa Project

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

We are super excited for Christmas :-) Below, you will find the Christmas list of the children we will be assisting this year. The list will only show Family size, age and gender. We will work to update this list daily as list are fulfilled! If you are interested in donating or volunteering, please email us directly at

A.R - Mother of 4

  1. Boy Age 3 - Spiderman Toys & Bike

  2. Girl Age 7- LOL Doll & Clothes Size 8

  3. Boy Age 10 - Robotic Toys, Skateboard, & Headset

  4. Boy Age 14 - Weight Set for exercising and Chess Set

A.W - Mother of 1

1.Girl Age 4 - Dolls & Clothes Size 8

A.F Mother of 3

1. Girl Age 4

-OMG LOL Surprise Doll (Kitty K preferred)

-Barbie Doll Wardrobe Closet

-Barbie Doll Clothings/Shoes

-JoJo Siwa Hair Bows

-Hair Styling Doll

-Descendants 3 Related items

-Zombies 2 Related items

-5T Clothing -Size 11 shoes

-Favorite color is blue.

2. Girl Age 3

-OMG LOL Surprise Doll

-JoJo Siwa Doll

-Hair Styling Doll

-Self-Love books

-Maui & Moana Dolls

-Frozen 2 Related items

-4T Clothing -Size 8 shoes

-Favorite color is pink.

3. Boy Age 1

-Sensory Toys/Puzzles

-Cars/Automobile Related

-Mickey Mouse Related

-2T Clothing -Size 6 shoes

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