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Khloe's Secret Santa Project

This year we are changing the dynamics of our usual #KhloesSecretSantaProject . We will be assisting 2 single mothers provide gifts for their children. Christmas lists have been submitted to us from the mothers and are listed below. If you are able to assist in fulfilling these Christmas gifts, please email us directly at Gifts are due 12/23

Mother 1- (1 child age - Girl - 12)

1) A purse book bag

2) Junie B Chapter Books (5-8 set)

3) Slime

4) Disney Girls Collection Books

5) Anything arts & craft (empowering black girl coloring book, crayons/markers, paint, etc.)

6) She wears a size 8 in clothes and size 4 in shoes.

Mother 2 - (3 Children - Boys- Ages 14, 5 & 8 months)

Jeramie 14yrs 1) Play Station gift card 2) Phone case for a Iphone XR 3) Clothing pants 32/32 or medium Shirts Medium 4) Pair of air max 270 black and white

Jamir 5yrs 1) Monopoly Fortnite 2) Xbox gift card 3) Little tikes tot sport easy score basketball set 4) Ryans World super surprise safe

Jahkhi 8monts

1) Firsher price laugh smart learn stages chair 2) Anything that draws your attention for a 8 month old

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