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How to remain Undefeated...(or so I think)..

Not to sure if I qualify to even write a "How To" on this topic, but hey..Spiritually where I am now, maybe I just might be. Plus, its on my heart to write this. My struggle as many of you know is being discrete, I'm not too good at that. Friendly reminder, my entries will Always be without proper grammar or punctuation.. I write exactly how I talk - A Lil Sassy but I'm still Classy..(inserts a Cardi B Face)

So let me elaborate on how DEFEATED I actually was. Every life mistake one could have possibly made.. I've made it😒possibly about 14 times..But I most admit that MAJORITY of all of those mistakes single-handily created my best memories. This is why I know that I am able to speak to young ladies about going from being a troubled teen (thats a whole book) an Empowered Woman. & Not just speak to them, but ENCOURAGE them! Why should you take advice from me? I've literally experienced every kind of heartbreak, poor decision & bad relationship.... I've already been through the madness for you Sus, just listen to me and do right smh. So here's my little list of ways to Remain Undefeated:

1. Always be true to yourself - for some reason, people are scared to be themselves. What really kills me is that they are scared to be imperfect in front of a bunch of imperfect people that are pretending to be perfect (crazy right). God made you in his perfect image. Your loud mouth, outgoing personality, and odd mood swings.. You are perfect in his image! There is only one you and the thought of that should excite you. Even if you are a twin, no one has your Spirit or your energy, You are one of a kind!! OWN IT.. Cancel all the opinions and comments from the spectators. If that person is not encouraging you, helping you level up or bringing you closer to God... IGNORE THEM.. I complain about bad wigs all the time, but guess what..People still wear them..So in this instance you can ignore me too! (Strongly suggesting you to burn the wig tho).. Anyway..

2. Everyone Makes Mistakes - & its okay to admit you have and you will again! Only God is without fault.. We have all done things we are more than regretful for. ALL OF US! Even that one auntie that acts like she doesn't have a past..SHE DOES SUS! & Thats okay. Thats one of the great things about the God we serve, if we are ready to change and we come to him for repentance, he will forgive us.. Thats what so AMAZING about him. He forgives us even when we are too ashamed to forgive ourselves. But, PLEASE FORGIVE YOURSELF. We grow and learn everyday. We are not the same person we were years ago..It is even possible to wake up one morning and have a different mindset than what you had the night before. Its called Growth & Awareness. Own your mistakes..& when you do this, it eliminate the right for people to use them against you. Been there, own that BOO! Next...

3. Live in YOUR TRUTH - This is a tad bit different than being true to yourself. First you have to know who you are and then you have to agree to live in it. LEAD! Even though I was comfortable with who I was. A Loud mouth opinionated..(whatever) I still allowed certain people to stop be from living in the PURPOSE God placed on my life. I wasn't afraid to, I was just unsure of if I should..Absolutely never listen to anyone trying to detour you from what God has planned for you. I do not care how much you love them... You couldn't possibly love them more than God..(I'll let u marinate on that). That one dream that you want to do but not sure if you should..YOU SHOULD! You even reading this is not by chance! Get it Girl!! Unapologetically be who you are. Live In IT! You never know who gains courage just from observing you. You're someones inspiration! (Whew I felt that for myself).. Okay Come On..

4. Ask & Allow God to do HIS WILL in YOUR Life - You see how I stressed HIS WILL in YOUR LIFE.. I get you want to have a rap career sus, but kids really love you and you're smart. God could be telling you that you should teach, or counsel or motivate..& hey you never know, you might can rap for the kids one day lol. Do you know when God is speaking to you? Have you experienced that before? Its an unshakable feeling, its like you just know. Its heavy on your heart! It continues to resurface in your life.. I mean something positive.. Not ya toxic EX chileee!But God..Listen when he speaks to you! He even put me here for YOU! So Lastly..

5. Strengthen Your Relationship with God - Although this is last on the list, this is by all means FIRST.!!! Wow, I remember my life before I knew God & I mean like really knew him! I was losttttt.. My spirit was empty, I had no real purpose until I became a mother & I strongly feel like he sent my babies to save me from me ( I was destroying myself). I was DEFEATED! Waking up each day without a plan or purpose. He never left me. Instead he strengthen me in all walks of my life. When I FINALLY got out of my own way, he gave me strength to leave toxic relationships, traits to be a better friend, life skills to make ways out of no way so that I can continue to be a Super Woman to my babies. I developed my own relationship with him. Found interesting devotionals to read that still taught me the bible & prepared me for the everyday walks of life. God is the ONLY person that will love you no matter what. Put your relationship with God First!!! Put God First and you will never fail. She will FOREVER REMAIN UNDEFEATED!

Hope this helps someone 💖

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This is EVERYTHING.......I love it 🙌🏽 Well said ‼️

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Ashley Jeanae
Ashley Jeanae
10. Apr. 2020

Baby you hit it in the head with this one!! Every point is great honest advice! Especially strengthening your relationship With God, thats definitely something I always think to come to your first for when I’m struggling! 💞

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