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Free Groceries for Single Working Mommies

How awesome is this? We are so excited to assist single working moms with getting additional groceries for their families each month. Our overall goal for this program is to assist working mother with the help they all need.

There are few resources for mothers that work hard each day to provide for their children. There aren't many places that us single working mothers can turn to for help when we are just a few dollars short each month after taking care of our children and the "first priority bills". You know what "First Priority Bills" are...? The rent....lights or gas (depending on what season it is :-) ), if we dont have any payment arrangements left on our phone bill, we're kinda forced to pay that..(We ALL hate paying our phone bills)..& then of course our kids need something! After we take care of these things, we also need to go pay cash for groceries (the worst). the Grace of God we manage each month.

We.."She Is Undefeated Inc", would love to help single mothers get more food in their homes each month. With most us our children working remotely this school year, which means they'll require more snack breaks, our goal is to help provide those meals. Beginning October 1, 2020 we will award a selected amount of mothers with gift cards to local grocery stores each month to assist with providing groceries and everyday living essentials to their families. To qualify, you must be a Single Working Mother of school age children living in the city of Chicago. To apply, you would simply email us directly at The subject of the email would be "Free Groceries for Single Working Mommies". In the body of the message, please include your name and contact information and the ages of your children. Please also include the best time to contact you.

Please spread the word :-).... If you are interested in donating toward our organization so that we are able to continue to do the necessary work in our communities, you can do so directly via Zelle or PayPal using our email address -

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