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#FeaturedFriday - Men Are Undefeated Too..! Managing Fatherhood & Law Enforcement

We are eager to introduce our first #FeaturedFriday Honoree, Antwon Smith. Antwon is a father of 2 amazing boys, ages 8 and 5. Beating all odds, Antwon has began a successful life in the Law Enforcement Field. Choosing not to become a product of his environment, Antwon chose to become better than what he experienced while growing up on the West Side of Chicago. He has always had a passion to teach young men how to be better than the obstacles they may face daily. His method for teaching young men is to reassure them that he was in the same or if not similar situations that they are currently in and encourages them to continue to strive to be better. Since completing the Academy in 2016, Antwon works closely with his community in assisting with giving back and mentoring young men when necessary. When asked Antwon what advice he has for the young generation that may seem to be discouraged due to where they are or where they are from, Antwon replied by saying "Just because you were born into a situation doesn't mean that's your permanent life position. Set goals for yourself and work daily to accomplish them, no matter how impossible it may seem.

Antwon, personally reached out to She Is Undefeated and offered to sponsor our April's #GivingSunday meal. We are extremely grateful to have his support during this movement to assist families in need through-out the city. Being able to have support from people like Antwon, means the world to our organization & although #SheIsUndefeated, this is a Great Example that #MenAreUndefeatedToo

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