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#FeaturedFriday Hair, Healthcare & Heat by Brenda

Brenda is not just another Chicago Stylist. She is a Stylist that prides herself on not just slaying hair, but also educating her clients on the importance of having and maintaining healthy hair. Brenda has not limited herself to just being a Stylist, she is taking complete control of the beauty industry by providing hair educational seminars, offering her clients top of the line Brazilian hair options as well as the perfect flat irons to keep these styles together.

Brenda always knew she wanted to do hair. She began doing hair at the age of 10, where she would mainly practice on her 2 sisters over time and this is where she began to perfect her craft. She later went to cosmetology school and passed state boards. She continuously told herself after completing cosmetology school that she never wanted to get comfortable with just standing behind the chair and doing hair for the rest of her life. Brenda knew that millionaires were known for having 7 or more different sources of income, and if she wanted to be a millionaire herself, she needed to start more business ventures.

One of the first additional ventures she took on was selling hair. She began selling different types of Brazilian bundled hair to her clients and did most of her marketing for her hair via social media sites. This was a great move for her because her clients trusted her to deliver on the styles that they loved, so they also trusted her to offer the best hair type qualities as well. Once she saw the profit she was making, she would still constantly remind herself to stay focused and not to don’t get too comfortable. She knew with her next business venture she wanted to do something that most hairstylist were not doing.

Brenda had been doing hair for at least 5 years, and while building her clientele she would hear a lot of clients rave about the quality of flat irons used at the salon. Clients would always say to her, "Man y’all hairstylist have the best flat irons” or “Where can I get some good flat irons". Seeing the need for quality flat irons, she decided to make her next business venture selling flat irons. She named her product, HeatByBrendaB, which can be purchased online at and via pickup.

While speaking to Brenda, we asked her "What advice would you give young ladies that want to do hair but not quite sure where to start?". Brenda informed us that she would tell these ladies to "First get educated about hair. Go to hair school and get your cosmetology license. Don’t just go to YouTube thinking you can learn stuff and won’t have to go to hair school. Being educated about hair plays a huge role in being a good hair stylist. Also in my five years of doing hair I’ve learned majority of every hairstyle that you learn, it takes REPETITION to perfect. Nothing is perfected overnight.

We then asked Brenda, "What are some of the obstacles you face while being a beautician in Chicago"? Brenda explained to us that "Being a hairstylist in Chicago, I feel like I face many obstacles. Chicago is saturated with many stylist, and I guarantee you, many of them did not attend hair school; Which makes it hard for the stylist like myself, who did. Now days a lot of hairstylist just know weave. They cant maintain their clients natural hair because they don’t know the proper techniques and skills that cosmetology teaches you. I’ve seen clients who has been going to a certain stylist for years and never had their ends clipped. Which makes my job harder because now I have to give them a haircut that they don’t want because their ends are badly split". She continued to explain that "Every new clients who sits in my chair ask “is it extra to shampoo my hair”. In hair school they teach you, a shampoo comes with every service. Some clients feel it’s one of the best part of their service at the salon. A lot of Chicago stylist tell clients to come shampooed or its an additional charge, which is extremely wrong and unprofessional. When shampooing a clients hair, you’re just not shampooing it, you're analyzing their hair and scalp. Checking for scalp disorders, shedding of the hair and much more but if you’re not educated about hair you wouldn’t know this particularly.

Brenda is known for her Infamous Invisible ponytails and Luxurious Sew Ins. To learn more about Brenda, book her services or to view her work. Check out her Instagram page @Lovee_Brenda or view her website

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