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#FeaturedFriday "A Man's Perspective"...

There's no debate that half of Social Media post are geared toward women and their feelings, thoughts and emotions but what about MEN?? How do men really feel about Dating, Marriage and even whats going on in Society? Reginald Jones's goal is to give us all "A Man's Perspective".

Reginald began his VLog called, "A Man's Perspective"after spending time on Instagram & noticed SO many memes gearing towards how women have to heal from being hurt or mistreated by men and he concluded at that moment that, men go through these things too. He stated that "Men get hurt too, So I wanted to offer a Mans Perspective on not only that but a host of other important topics".  When asked Reginald why he felt it was important for him to be the voice for The Man's Perspective, he stated that "It’s very important for me to be the voice because men grow up and are taught to hide their emotions. We’re not “allowed” to be vulnerable. I want to show that’s its normal for us to feel strongly and compassionate about certain things, just as women are and not feeling like less than a man for having these emotions".

Reginald's goal for his VLog is to enlighten women with a mans perspective on things they may be curious about and to also educate men on things that are important to women that many men may easily over look, and also because many men weren’t raised around women and not familiar with their thought process. Reginald stated that "Although, I grew up with my father actively in my life and in my home, I also have a mother and two older sisters, so I experienced a lot of what women experience; from my sisters dealing with their spouses or even my mom being a Wife to my dad. I feel I have witness a lot of emotions and situations that women face on a daily bases".

With Reginald being raised on the East side of Chicago, we asked him how did he manage to beat the odds of the extreme trend of violence in our city and his answer was simple. He informed us that, "The reason I believe I was able to skip the trend of violence is because as mentioned, I grew up in a two parent household. I was more scared of my father than these fools in the streets. He gave me the game. So even though I was outside in the madness I was able to think for myself & make better decisions than those who didn’t have that guidance from their father". He continued by saying, "Having good discipline is extremely important, although I was able to enjoy life and hang out with friends to my leisure, I still was instilled with a certain amount of order and respect thanks to my parents".

Before ending our conversation with Reginald, we thought it was extremely important to get advice for other young men that could possibly be faced with the trendy violence going on currently in our city. We asked Reginald, What advice would he give young men that could possibly be discouraged due to all that happens in our city? He answered by simply saying " The best motivation is reality. There’s always 2 points of views. We know what it’s like to see violence, death, failure etc, that should motivate you & spark enough curiosity to get a taste of the other side of that. Success,  prosperity, peace of mind, riches etc. Don’t get so used to pain that you become numb to it because when you do you’ll kill your urgency to heal that pain".

You can check Reginald's VLog out on Instagram, @AMansPerspective_ also via his YouTube Channel, A Man's Perspective.

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